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You most challenging thing about pregnancy, for me was changing my exercise routine and what I usually did and not knowing what modifications to take. I had every symptom, they’ve ever written about and some I think they haven’t. I think I invented new symptoms. I threw up all the time everything hurt. I couldn’t sleep, it was much harder than I thought I do not miss the fatigue that comes along with being pregnant. I just remember some days where you’re like it’s just it overcomes you, you could have had a great night’s sleep and just you feel, like you know, oh my goodness, I have to lie down. I cannot even function. I don’t hear a lot of moms talk about and they talk a lot about loving their pregnancy body and it doesn’t – and I don’t necessarily feel about all the time. I was the first of many of our friends to get pregnant and I gained a lot more weight, so I was rather uncomfortable as much as I’ve been part of my pregnancy think Severson, the fear that you have as a first-time mom being pregnant and worrying too Much about it am i doing the right thing. Can I do this? Should I do this?

I just was so tired and I was so bloated. It was so swollen like I had cankles. It was very attractive, a change in my body um, not just the look of it, but the feel of my body managing the worry and what I mean by that is. There are so many tests out there and we’re so fortunate to have all these tests to tell us if something’s wrong with our baby or what our risks are for all these different things, but with what comes along with that is sort of a roller coaster. Riding a lot of concern: extreme exhaustion. I have been so tired I actually found out today I have mild anemia, which is very common during pregnancy. So it’s just been rough, I’m very active and it slowed me down a bit. I like to move my body and I like to be able to move it with ease and what I found to be most frustrating, as I got further along in my pregnancy, was my bill to not to do that. I don’t just mean in the gym, or you know not being able to do burpees. This is the way I like to do them, but general things like tying your shoe picking your kids up going through the crosswalk in the amount of time needed, just not knowing from day to day how you’re gonna feel physically or emotionally it’s a little bit Of a real close to ride, it’s well worth it when it is a ride. You