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5 Easy Ways to Teach Your Kid How to Read

Learning how to read is one of the most important skills a child can learn. It can set them up for success in life, whether they are going to work or school. But teaching kids to read can be a challenging process, especially for those with learning differences or developmental delays. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to help your kid learn how to read!

1. Find a Fun Way to Teach Your Kid How to Read

It is very important that kids see their parents reading books, whether they are adults or children. This will encourage them to want to learn how to read as well! You can also use games to make learning how to read more fun and engaging for your kids.

2. Create an Enticing Library with a Variety of Books

Reading is not only fun for kids, but it’s also very beneficial to their brains. It can help them improve their vocabulary, build their confidence and boost their imaginations. So it is vital to get your kids as many books as possible!

3. Try Buddy Reading with Your Struggling Reader

The first step in helping your kid to read is to identify their specific areas of weakness. This might be something as basic as lack of fluency, or if your child has gaps in their phonogram knowledge. It could even be a learning challenge like dyslexia. By addressing these areas, you can help them to feel more comfortable and confident with reading on their own!

4. Play Word Games with Your Child

This can be a lot of fun for kids, and it can be a great way to teach them how to read. For example, you can set up a game with a sock and some Post-It notes that have words on them such as “red,” “black” or “blue.” You can then ask your child to throw the sock at the note that matches the word.

5. Display Letters and Words around Your Home

It is a very important part of learning how to read that your child knows the letters of the alphabet. This will help them remember the sounds of each letter, and they’ll be able to read more easily. You can put different alphabet letters on the refrigerator, or you can cut out shapes and decorate them with objects that start with each letter.

6. Use the Letters and Sounds App on Your Phone

There are a lot of apps on the market that you can download for free. These apps will show you the different sounds each letter makes, and you can practice pronouncing them correctly.

7. Teach Your Kids How to Read with a Phonics Program

The best way to teach your child how to read is by using a phonics program that teaches the relationship between sounds and letters. It can be a bit tricky to find one that fits your budget, but it is worth the effort!

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